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Warning:May cause some extreme fangirling

I just have to brag a bit here, for someone that has no idea how Ash would look older regardless of this headcanon of mine, I think I’ve created a fairly SMEXY version of a “20-something” Ash Ketchum.

I truly love this design and am going to continue with him in the future especially for the continuation of the original drawing. Many have said he looks like a “greaser” and I see your point but that was NOT AT ALL my intentions NOR did I create Ash to be a jerk. He is still the same dense boy but can stand up to people or brush them off.

But this is really just an appreciation post for the effort I took to create such an amazing headcanon. ^_^

(the full view is REALLY large, and yes I drew it huge!)

I don’t think you can see it in full view on Tumblr, they restrict the size from what I know. But you sure as hell can see it in full view on DA! Just make sure you tell your fans that you may need to upgrade your computer RAM because I don’t think many modern computers can process the awesome XD My gaming computer freaks out a bit from it. 

This is why I hate being scheduled for ad set up at my Super Target

Because when they schedule me at 4am, it means have to try and sleep by at least 6pm on Saturday to get in at least 8 hours but I can’t and never will because when I get home from work I need to eat so I can take the rest of my medications. Also I set my alarm two I hours in advance so I get an hour to get ready and it takes me about 30 minutes to get to work but Sunday I get some more time to sleep in a bit. Been up since like 11pm now, gonna try and sleep some more.


I’m so tired of people telling me I’m lazy because I lack the energy to cook a healthy meal or just do things at the drop of a hat like they obviously can.

I’ll walk in the kitchen, think oh I want a microwave pizza, think of the effort involved in sticking it in the microwave and then just go…

I hate it when people call me lazy as well, especially when they assume it by actions I do elsewhere and most of the time it’s at work for me. They have no right considering they don’t even know me outside the work place nor do they live with me. Just because someones sees me buying a pizza doesn’t mean I don’t eat healthy. It’s because my job offers shit food in the break room and I rather have a pizza over their shitty selection lol

It’s not laziness, I think it it’s just current emotional state at that given time. A lot of times for me, given my current mood, I would normally pass off a good breakfast like toasted french bread with bacon and eggs for something really cheap and easy to make like cereal. It’s not because I’m lazy, it’s because I really just don’t feel like putting in the effort into doing that right now. It’s like that for dinner as well but on my days off work I normally make my dad and sister dinner whether it be yellow rice with fried chicken or something I made yesterday for the first time, white rice with beef stew. That emotional state is something that can really fuck with your brain at times and I know because it happens to me as well. 

Most people just label it as laziness just because it’s easy to do. I do it to a lot when I know it isn’t true, but I’ll never tell someone I hardly know they are lazy because I really don’t have that right too. 

candido0411 asked:

So remember when we were chatting and you posted something that I couldn't see. You thought I might of unfollowed you and you were right. But it still says that I'm following you still. ~ Sorry


Are you unfollowing me? I guess this means we’re done huh?

No, I refollowed you. Not sure how I unfollowed you in the first place, must of been an error on my end or Tumblr bug. When it tells me who I’m following on Tumblr, it lists you as someone I follow, but gives me the option to follow as oppose to unfollow which I found odd. So I checked and you were right from before, I did accidently unfollow you somehow

Good thing I checked when I did because you usually post something about every other day and I know how often my followers post considering I only watch so many people so it’s easy for me to keep tabs on my followers so when I didn’t anything from you I decided to check and see.




Jesus fuck this woman is so hateful. I tell her that Utah has practically ended homelessness by giving them homes and the first thing she asks is how long do they keep them.

Okay, that question is expected so I tell her forever which she says bullshit. Then I read a passage from the news that…

I guess I can’t really blame her for assuming that all homeless people are drug addicts even though it isn’t true at all, at least for the majority of them. It’s sad that most people look at a homeless person and assume the worst and it’s mostly because we live in a world where it’s just harder and harder to trust strangers unless you interact and get to know them. 

How is Utah exactly providing homeless folks homes? Surely they don’t stay forever, that’s for sure, probably have a program in place to help them get back on their feet by finding a job, rehab, healthcare, maybe another place to live assuming the place isn’t a shelter of some kind.

Also, how much does this cost? Taxpayers are probably paying for this which is another subject I’m sure she would have ripped apart by saying something like “we’re paying to help homeless druggies” or something like that. But it is a touchy subject for a lot of people because don’t like the idea of their taxpayer money being paid to find things in general. 

I guess in the end of the day, people should look at this as a positive because, if successful, less homeless people are off the street and are being helped to find jobs which in the long run just benefits every person, state and country overall. 

I think it’s less that she doesn’t trust stranger and more that she never thinks other people have lives and stories that might affect their behavior. 

From what I can find online, they built a 100 apartment building and moved in the homeless without any strings attached. No drug tests, nothing. I’m sure some don’t stay, they might manage to get jobs and move out but I don’t think they’re kicked out if they don’t turn their lives around. I’ve found nothing insinuating that they would. And yeah each one is assigned a caseworker to help them turn their lives around and I imagine that they have access to rehab as well.

As for cost, it saves taxpayers thousands of dollars. “In 2005, Utah calculated the annual cost of E.R. visits and jail stays for an average homeless person was $16,670, while the cost of providing an apartment and social worker would be $11,000." Add to that the fact that after getting houses most of the homeless people can go on to find jobs and boom, you have a lot more people contributing to those taxpayer dollars. Really this is a win win for everyone.

And it makes sense, if a homeless person has a drinking problem, maybe not enough to fuck them over completely but enough to cause some trouble, well, it’s illegal to be drunk in public right? So they’ll go to jail a lot more often because they can’t exactly get drunk anywhere but public. Give them a home and suddenly they don’t have to go to jail since they can be drunk in private.

I really don’t see much of a downside to this. After all “10.7 percent of [homes] — more than 14. 2 million — are vacant all year round for some reason or another, according to the Census Bureau.” and “There are 610,042 people experiencing homelessness on any given night in the United States." That’s… more than enough empty homes for the homeless. And yeah I can see some people getting uppity about how the homeless get their homes for free while the rest of us have to pay, but the homeless aren’t getting huge houses, they’re getting apartments or little houses. And wouldn’t you like it if you ever became homeless for someone to care and help you? Plus I’m sure once most of them get a job and back on their feet they’ll move to a better house/neighborhood. 

This program is working, it’s proven to work, so I see no reason to not keep at it. Here’s the wikipedia page for the Housing First Program for some additional info.

Lol, sorry for stretching and fulling your dash with text. I didn’t mean to but that latest subject just got to me, considering my history with Crohns and just sparked my interest to see what other nonsense she’s been saying. Still want to look through them, but I won’t comment on every one of themat least try not to flood your dash with massive text lol.

Also, I wish replying allowed more than 200 characters or whatever limit it has which is why I decided to go ahead and reblog it because it has no character limits plus these are worth the reblog IMO 

Thanks for answering my questions and chatting about it.

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